Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Young Bear Review - Seven Stories...Alan Hunter

YOUNG BEAR – Seattle (Ballard)

"A couple weeks ago a friend of a friend contacted me to say he really enjoyed my photos, especially my work with Addaura and wanted to invite me to his upcoming show. That was Cody Davis aka Young Bear. I hadn’t heard his music before he contacted me, but having seen him now I can say he is one talented dude and a trip to watch live. I caught his killer show in Ballard last weekend, where he collaborated with Addaura’s drummer, Brandon. Not having shot live shows for very long it’s really cool when another artist contacts me to say they like my work and would like it if I’d shoot their show, especially when the show turns out to be as good as Young Bear’s was. Young Bear is spacey, heavy, psychedelic drone and if you’re in the Seattle area and have a chance to see him perform, I highly recommend it."

- Alan Hunter 2011

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