Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Official Young Bear Store Available Now

All tracks from White Canvas and Gloom Canyon are now available for purchase thanks to Reverbnation. Check it out!

Click Here for Official Young Bear Store

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Young Bear - Bear and Wolf Die Alone [HD]

Goodbye Young Bear Myspace!

Since Myspace has chosen to completely ruin the look and flow of it's original design making it a huge headache for people to see what's going on for Young Bear, I have deleted the page and will no longer be using it's services. Sorry to anyone that was networked through it. Thanks for your time and understanding.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Track - "Gloom Canyon's End" and the journey behind the album's completion

The newest album Gloom Canyon has been been a most excellent journey through the darker and much more rustic side of this project thus far. As i have captured each track I have been doing all i can to paint a picture of this entire world that is inside my head. My intention is to take everyone to a new place in each experience i put out there.

The album had started out in a fictional place called "Gloom Canyon". It is a vast, terrifying, dangerous, beautiful, and misunderstood place of emptiness, evil, lurking creatures, and the only gang to survive it's destructive love, "The Cold Cowboys". The Cold Cowboys neither human, man, or animal roam this land with no real destination or goal that anyone knows of. Some have been close enough to see the glowing white eyes that subtly peek through the dark shadows of their hat and just above their rustic dirt caked bandannas across their faces. It's assumed they are the primary keepers of this land and everything it holds. This is the land i have worked to take everyone who listens through. A lot of influence from artists such as Barn Owl, Grails, Svarte Greiner, Hammock, Tim Hecker, Nadja, and Earth helped in the direction of these recordings.

Gloom Canyon's End is in the end of the line and final track. You've journeyed through all of Gloom Canyon and survived it's challenges. The end is here with crushing drone and beats.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gloom Canyon and Blooming Mountains in production...

"Gloom Canyon" is currently in production and for now will be available to hear online as each track is completed and distributed on CD once complete. If a label finds interest this could be on vinyl in the future.

You can here 3 tracks here:

"Blooming Mountains" will be the first release on cassette tape. There will be limited copies of each design. These recordings won't be released in any other format.

Young Bear reviews Verellen Amplifiers

Posted a full review to Ben Verellen's local shop and Amplifier Product Line in customer testimonials. Check out mine among other musicians like Trap Them, Akimbo, Young Widows, Minus the Bear, and others.

White Canvas - Completed

White Canvas is now complete. For now you can hear it online at the following links. I am still looking for a record label. If I don't find one i may release this on CD only.

New Video: "Garden of Earthly Delights"

New launch for Young Bear Music Blog

I am excited to have the official Blog up for Young Bear. I hope to centralize all updates to the project through here going forward. All comments, questions, suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcome. Thanks.

- Cody